How do I talk to my customers about ICwhatUC?

This article will cover common questions that your customers may have about receiving an ICwhatUC call.

What is ICwhatUC?

ICwhatUC is a video calling service that uses augmented reality to help diagnose, solve problems, and share insights.  ICwhatUC connects technicians from their computers with an end-customer mobile phone, allowing the technician to see what the customer sees.  Our goal is to simplify remote diagnosis and potentially solve the customer’s issue without a physical appointment.

Do I have to download anything? 

No, this video call uses whatever browser is on your phone to connect.  There is no app to download, no login credentials, or anything left on your device after the call. We recommend using chrome for android and safari for iPhone for an optimal virtual experience.

Is this going to delay my service if I need someone to come in person? 

No, this gives us better data and actually allows us to send the right person to fix what you specifically need. We may also help you address your concerns and avoid a trip altogether if it's a simple request (giving you the help you need instantly! No more waiting for pesky service time slots.)

Why do I need to have a video call?  

Taking a look at the issue will allow us to diagnose the problem quickly and can hopefully save you some time. If a technician is needed then we can send the right person to the job with the right tools!

Can’t I just send a picture? 

Because your privacy is important to us, and we don't want to be sending pictures around or having information on random devices.  By using ICwhatUC all of your images are stored in one secure place. Your privacy is our top priority and ICwhatUC will allow all communications to be encrypted and kept safe. We also can get a lot more data with a video than we do in a picture, allowing us to get a holistic view of your problem.

Do I have to have a specific phone? 

No! Any smartphone with a camera should work. Connecting you with your technician is easy.

Pro Tip: Check your phone's permissions to make sure you have access to the camera and microphone while using your phone’s browser.

Does it use Data or Wifi?

Either or! Whatever your phone is connected to on your browser is how ICwhatUC will run. However, Wifi tends to have a better connection so where possible, make sure you're connected to your network. 

How much cellular data gets used and how much will it cost me?

There are a few different things to consider. New smartphones have higher resolution and it will also depend on how your team is using them to connect. On average:

  • A two-way ICwhatUC video (meaning both parties have their cameras on and can see each other) uses about 0.210 MB/second of data. 
  • A one way ICwhatUC video (meaning the end-customer has their audio and video going, but your team does not join with their camera active) uses about 0.2 MB/second of data.