Version 3.3.18 - Manual location input, search improvements

This release includes improvements in location capture and search functionality.

Manual location input

Organization Admins can now enable the ability to override the location and specify geolocation when initiating sessions. This applies to normal and on-site sessions. Distance will then be calculated manually. 

Simply navigate to the Settings tab. Select "General", then find "User Location" on the bottom right corner of the screen. From there, you can update the location to be manually entered by technicians before they launch a session.

If you select yes on "Allow Manual Entry", this is how it will look when you launch a new session. The location will auto-fill as you type it in.


On-site sessions will capture and resolve location automatically as long as permissions were granted by the technician. However, if manual entry is enabled, they will be able to enter their location as shown above when launching an on-site session.


A loading spinner will now show up on the screen when you type anything into the search bar to indicate that the sessions are loading.