Version 2.5.2 Release Notes

This software version will be a minor functionality release to improve scalability, Custom Call Fields, and new user roles.

Important Changes

Supervisor Role

ICwhatUC has added an additional user role called Supervisor.  This role will have all the capabilities of the Technicians, as well as the ability to review ICwhatUC sessions for the entire Workspace.  They will not have the administrative capabilities to adjust Workspace settings or adjust how the Workspace is configured.

Custom Session Fields

ICwhatUC will now enable custom session fields for an ICwhatUC session.  A configuration option will be added to allow a Workspace to opt into adding up to two custom fields, ie. “Work type”.  They will then be able to add as many values associated with the custom field as they wish, ie. “types of work types”. 

If custom session fields are activated in a Workspace, it becomes mandatory for technicians to choose from the drop-down list before being able to launch a call. 

Captura de Pantalla 2022-05-19 a la(s) 3.31.55 p.m.

Finally, the Technicians will be able to edit these custom fields and update after a call has been completed by clicking on the session playback button and updating the field from there. 

In-Call Change Requests

Drawing Function Change

In order to simplify the use of ICwhatUC, we have the drawing functionality at all times.  We are also extending the length of the longest “tail length”. This will allow the markup function to persist longer on the screen. 

Add Arrow for Picture in Picture Swap

When we built the Sales/Showroom functionality in v2.4 of ICwhatUC, we provided the ability for end-users to double tap on the technician image in the bottom right corner to swap the picture-in-picture.  This will allow them to expand the Technician image, so they can see what the technician is viewing.

However, this functionality has proved to not be intuitive for end-users.  We are adding an arrow to the functionality to make it easier for end-users to use.

Switching Technician Connect Mid-Call

When we launched the Sales/Showroom functionality, we enabled the functionality for technicians to join ICwhatUC calls from multiple sources.  

We now provide the ability to be able to switch the Technician camera & audio setup in the middle of an ICwhatUC call.  This will enable technicians to:

  • Switch from a video call to an audio call if the end-customer has a poor bandwidth connection.
  • Switch from the front to back camera (or back to front camera) to enable the technician to show something in their surroundings during the call.

Bug Fixes

Audio Issues on iPhone

A number of users have reported that when making video calls to an iPhone, the end-customers iPhone plays ICwhatUC audio through the earpiece of the phone, instead of the speakerphone.  

This issue is solved by the end-user pressing the red camera icon twice, once to deactivate their camera and microphone, and a second time to re-initialize the video call.  This refresh switches the audio to play through the speaker instead of the earpiece.

iOS Devices

Step 1

Instruct the end-user to press the red camera twice, once to deactivate the camera & microphone.

Step 2

Then again to reactivate the camera & microphone.

ICwhatUC has optimized its management of permissions on iOS devices to improve the connectivity with end customers and reduce the number of failed audio sessions.

Additionally, we have added a button for end-customers who connect with their iPhones labelled “Can’t hear us clearly?”, which will offer additional information on how the end-customer can simply trigger a refresh of the video call.

Infrastructure Changes

Infrastructure Fetch Errors

In order to reduce the number of failed videos, ICwhatUC has updated and improved how ICwhatUC videos are processed and transitioned to each ICwhatUC workspace.  This functionality will increase the video processing capacity, and simplify the processing workflow.

AWS Backups

ICwhatUC is expanding its Backup & Restore functionality for individual ICwhatUC workspace and its ICwhatUC videos.  This will allow individual workspaces to adjust the frequency and storage location of their ICwhatUC backups.

Encrypt Video Files At Rest

ICwhatUC is improving its encryption function to enable encryption of video files at rest in the ICwhatUC AWS Workspace.