Version 3.1 - New in-session features, 2FA, and more

This software version will be a major functionality release with an improved user interface, and a number of improvements to core video calling functionality and net-new functionality to enable the use of ICwhatUC in new ways.

Critical Changes 

2 Factor Authentication for ICwhatUC User

ICwhatUC is now offering 2 Factor Authentication for all users.  This functionality has to be enabled by ICwhatUC, so please complete this form to request the functionality from ICwhatUC Support.  2 Factor Authentication works via email and SMS.  Please gather phone numbers for your team members who would prefer to use SMS and add them to the User Profiles.

Technician Display Name

During ICwhatUC sessions, the Technician’s name is displayed to the end-customer to see in the top left corner of the ICwhatUC video.  A new field has been added for each User to have a Display Name that will show for End Customers (For example, “Danny @ ICwhatUC”).

Infrastructure Changes

Integrating SMS Send Status to ICwhatUC

For each ICwhatUC session, we are now providing more information to the Technicians about the delivery of the ICwhatUC SMS to the person they are trying to reach.  The following table showcases the Session Status icon, and additional information on any delivery issue can be found by clicking on the “Expand” button for the specific Session.

User Interface Updates

Throughout ICwhatUC, starting from the login screen, through to the Sessions table and in-call screens now have an improved look and feel.  We have included new buttons and icons throughout the ICwhatUC platform.

These user interface changes also extend to the customers, as they are now presented with an updated user experience during the ICwhatUC call, and in post-call questions as shown below. 

In Call Functionality

We have enabled new In-Call functionality for Technicians who make ICwhatUC calls to improve their user experience and offer them new ways of completing their work remotely.  Each is explored in more detail below, but in summary, the following new functionality is available during an ICwhatUC call.

  • Mute Button (available for both the Technician and End-User)
  • Timer
  • Call Notes
  • Image Capture / Screen Capture
  • Video Bookmarks
  • Multi-Tech Calling

A summary image showing the new capabilities for technicians is shown below.

All capabilities are also supported when making ICwhatUC calls from a mobile device:

Mute Buttons

We have added the capabilities for the Technicians and End-Users to be able to mute themselves during an ICwhatUC session.  


In the top right corner of the screen, we have added a timer for monitoring the length of time of the existing ICwhatUC video call.

Call Notes During Call

In order to save time after videos are done processing, we have created the capability to add call notes to the ICwhatUC Description field during the call.  These will be visible in the description field once that call has been completed.  

As a reminder, any notes captured are displayed when the ICwhatUC video is shared.

Screenshot Capture

Many of our clients require individual screenshots of certain events during an ICwhatUC video call.  This capability has been added in v3.1.  By pressing the Screenshot button, whatever is currently on screen in the ICwhatUC video call is captured.  A timestamp of when the screenshot took place is also added to the Session Description field.

Screenshots can be reviewed and downloaded from the Session Playback screen.

Video Bookmarks

ICwhatUC is now offering Video Bookmarks in ICwhatUC videos.  When an ICwhatUC Technician presses the “Bookmark” button, a bookmark is added in the video and will be highlighted during the replay of the video. This will enable them to skip to important events after the call is completed during the review of the video.

Video Bookmarks can be reviewed from the Session Playback screen as shown below:

Multi-Tech Calls

ICwhatUC is now launching the capability to have multiple technicians on the same call. This means additional team members may join an ICwhatUC video call if requested.  These team members must currently have an ICwhatUC account in the same workspace. The following workflow has been created: 

  1. A Tech can use the “Add Tech” button to request support from another team member.
  2. The Tech then has the ability to choose from a list of other team members to join the ICwhatUC call.
  3. The ICwhatUC platform will notify the new technician that their help is being requested.  This notification will be done within the ICwhatUC application and via email.  The new technician will have the ability to join the video call as a 3rd participant or reject the video call.  If they do choose to reject, they will be able to join from the Session Table at a later time.
  4. When the 2nd technician joins, they are able to see both the technician, as well as the customers’ video stream.
  5. Once the call is ending, or when one technician wants to leave, they have the capability to end the session completely, or just hang up themselves and allow the call to continue on.

ICwhatUC is currently limiting multi-technician calling to a maximum of 4 participants (up to 3 Technicians and 1 End User).

Additional Functionality

Geo Location

We have created the ability to capture the location of the end-user of the ICwhatUC call.  This functionality has to be enabled by ICwhatUC, so please complete this form to request the functionality from ICwhatUC Support.  Once enabled, a Workspace Administrator can enable and disable this functionality within the Workspace Settings.



If enabled, the ICwhatUC session will prompt the user to confirm acceptance of their location capture.

If the functionality is enabled, and the end-user chooses to share their location, at the end of the sessions the end user’s location is available in the Sessions Table. If the user had declined to share their location but has accepted permissions to allow camera and microphone access then they will still be able to launch the call as they normally would.  The location is hyperlinked and opens a Google Map with the location.

Customer Sessions Export Updates

We are now providing the ability for our customers to export their own data.  An administrator of ICwhatUC, can go into the Settings > General, and choose what dates they would like to export Session Data for.  Once exported, the information is downloaded via CSV.