Version 3.3.16 - Sharing protection settings, copy customer link

In this release we have rolled out a couple of features that will make user ICwhatUC security settings more effective, and ensure that queuing up sessions in advance goes a bit smoother.

Sharing protection settings

In previous versions of our software, when you changed your sharing settings from public to requiring authentication, all videos prior to that change would still be public (not requiring authentication to access). 

In order to ensure that our customers have control and security around their customer data, we have updated that feature so that whatever sharing protection setting a workspace has enabled applies to every video in the workspace, with no exclusions.

Copy customer link feature

In our last release, we rolled out the ability to copy and share a link to join a session if the customer didn’t receive it or couldn’t connect to it via SMS. Previously, users had to launch the session and then exit to their sessions page in order to copy and share the link. 

With this release, if the session is queued, users can share the session link before the session by selecting the share button below.


Then, users can select the copy customer link button indicated below and send it to their customer – just make sure to also note the time of the session so they don’t join before you do!

If you have any questions about this release, please contact our Support team.